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The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (日本電信電話株式会社, Nippon Denshin Denwa Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly known as NTT, is a Japanese telecommunications company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Ranked 55th in Fortune Global 500, NTT is the fourth largest telecommunications company in the world in terms of revenue, as well as the fifth largest publicly traded company in Japan after Toyota, Mitsubishi Corporation, Honda and Japan Post Holdings, as of September 2019.


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Former Employee - Enterprise Architect says

"If you are not native NTT related employees (e.g. NTT Com), then you are not welcome"

Former Employee - Senior Security Consultant says

"Most consultant only stay in this office for less than one year for same reasons which is poor management and no work-life balance. The place is crazy and expectations for working hours are very long (often 9AM to 8PM) and much weekend work. Only one manager for the HK office but only good for management and sales. Leadership skill is non-existent. Often receive calls and text messages to my personal mobile phone during weekend (when not supposed to be working) Lots of consultant leave and setup own business and then contract work to themselves. I find it amazing that this can be fine with global management. No training or chance to self-improve whatsoever. Often consultant who leave will continue to attend pre-sale meeting and calls to make it appear to clients that the local delivery team is big and strong foundation."

Director says

"1. Senior managers from other regions visit us quite often, used up a pile of cash and time to entertain them. 2. Need to keep the illusion to customers that we still have a strong team, though most consultants can't stay longer than 1 year in average. Presales still need to present in conference call even when they left the company."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"1. You will not get any opportunity to develop your current skills, or learn new ones. Unless of course those new skills are talking about security evangelism, threatscopes, and landscapes. 2. Everyone constantly goes on about "strategy" but it is clearly obvious that there is no strategy or even an understanding of the word. Their only real strategy is selling overpriced firewalls and giving clients a false sense of security. This company is contributing to the growing security problem with their so-called "strategy". 3. Having to attend countless time-wasting meetings and listen to senior management blethering on about strategies. 4. In the year I was there, I learned absolutely nothing. It was a step-back for my career and joining them was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. 5. In general, the working environment is quite stressful and it's just not a nice atmosphere in the office. You're always trying to get multiple things done with other people harping on at the same time either asking for help, or getting you to join conference calls. 6. If you're the type of person who is passionate and likes to add quality into your work, then this is not the place for you because you just won't be given the time to do it. Hearing terms like "do it quickly", or "it will only take 15 minutes" were common in the office and as a result work produced was often sub-par."

Current Employee - Director says

"- An excessive amount of petty politics and constant bickering goes on which prevents people from doing their actual job. - For a company apparently specializing in security, they really don't know a lot about it and definitely do not practice what they preach. - They offer "end-to-end" security solutions and have their fingers in every area of security. This is explained to customers as an advantage to other security consultancies but in none of these areas are they considered experts. - If you are passionate and care about IT security, this is definitely not the company to work for. You will be forced to work under the sales team and upsell solutions to customers based on what they can make the most profit from and not what the customer really needs. - There is a constant stream of corporate jargon and extreme bureaucracy coming from the senior management. This does exist in every organization, but seems to be much worse here. - Constant changes in management and reporting lines. - Salary payments and expenses were often paid late. - Training and career development is non-existent."

Former Employee - Principal Consultant says

"Throw and run with it culture, poor expectations management, last-minute engagement of teams, not providing employees guidance on internal processes to ensure proper estimation of efforts, micro-management, fear around job security amongst staff, management not walking the talk, huge workplace politics, total absence of one-NTT culture...everyone just in it for their own turf protection, the list goes on..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of Transparency; Poor Leadership; Charles Honeycutt and team are a poor representation of what responsible, effective leadership should be. Terrible communication styles and support. NTT's culture is not one of collaboration despite their constant efforts to tell you otherwise. Over 50% of the employees are terribly unhappy."

Current Employee - Consultant says

"Assigned out of job scope and expect you to be proficient in it"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sadly the company has built a highly political culture derived from Dimension Data (the majority of the leadership teams, systems, offices, and insiders globally/in-country are all from DD) with a focus on looking good versus delivering sustainable results."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No transformation and diversity, as a person of color you are made to feel like an outsider. The business is not inclusive, and I would never work at this organization again. My employee experience was terrible."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company. They have horrible communication and treat their employees like trash. Run out of sick time? Fired. Didn't get your w2? They don't care. Worst company I have ever worked for."

Desktop Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"Contrary to internal culture this is not a hardware support position. If you have hardware skills run far and fast away from anything to do with this company in Lincoln NE. You may be tested on hardware skills but you will never use them. You will be asked to work long hours with little compensation for your effort. Pay is based on the local market of which they employ so many people they have depressed it. Look to Omaha if you can commute. If you are an older adult run away. Company culture is geared towards under 30 crowds. If you have an acumen for business, again run. Business means putting people back to work not keeping one from telling your client something is broken and you have a solution. Cons: Manager will take credit for any eureka momment you may have, HR cannot be bothered to investigate a legitimate claim against a manager."

Had terrible coworkers and terrible management (Former Employee) says

"Too much drama in the workplace. Management does not really support you if you complain about the drama. If I would’ve known this was a contractor type position I would’ve avoided working for this company. Cons: Racist and terrible coworkers"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I left my previous job to come here to start a new career, the grass isnt greener on the other side. Cons: Disorganized, poor Management"

Analyst Data Build (Former Employee) says

"Phase 2 of reopening a project which had many developers, administration and analyst consultants walking off project. Cons: Receive retribution and personal attacks."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"No benefits until you are no longer a temp. They make it almost impossible to move from temp to full time tor which the average is 1 year for research analyst."

Customer Service Lead Representative (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Consultant on SOM Team (Oracle WebLogic Admin) says

"Management is the worst I have every seen. Don't work there! Cons: Everything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy a low stress job, DO NOT work here. The training was a joke and did not prepare you for the actual job at all and the managers were unwilling to do their job but had no problem having unrealistic expectations for those working the phone lines. And if you were even a couple seconds late from your break or lunch you would get a strike. Cons: short breaks, micromanagement of time, unreliable managers"

Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"The NTTDATA building off of legacy their great your trained Thoroughly yes it maybe contract labor but you have more job security there wish I would have stayed. Any time i had a question I could always get an answer Immediately. When I transferred to the building off of Plano pkwy you have people over you that don’t know what your doing and can’t answer your questions they push you to your breaking point and you work in a hostile work environment and the system you have to use to do your work on is complete trash and your training is subpar. If you are being trained on a new pend that is only an hour training and they tell that focus audit does not get held against you its a lie they’ll write you up for something that you did while in focus audit. Last but not least there is no room for growth. Wish i had something better to say about the building off of Plano pkwy but I don’t. Apply at the building off of legacy you’ll love it there and there is room to grow and the people that you’ll work with everyone helps each other it is a real team and you can go as far as you want to with them!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"managers were not helpful bad customer service with the managers wne customers asked for a manger the manger would keep the customer on hold for a long time.. Cons: theres others jobs out there"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

" is terrible and has favorites. Insurance is expensive and you basically will never grow within the company unless you happen to be one of managements favorites. Cons: Everything else"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I did have a great connection with the management, but the issue I had was the client we were working for. The plant they had us working for had little to no respect for IT. They expect you to work 24/7 because they work 24/7 so should you. Do they want you doing overtime? Short answer, no they do not. Sadly there is more demand than the management is aware of, but do nothing to help back you up. "Well, you need to figure out what is important and what is not." That what the management told me to do. Cons: Overly stressed environment, Lots of times that you are set up to fail, Expectations not always transparent, Direction oh job is not transparent, Could loose job at the drop of a hat"

Talent Acquisition Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t work there for a million dollars. The environment is terrible. They lay off your contractors right after they hire them. Then give them no severance."

Delivery Specialist Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ever. They only care about the bottom line. Zero resources yet high expectations. Do not waste your time. It is a setup for failure. Look elsewhere."

Healthcare Benefit Advisor (Former Employee) says

"lack luster employer, poor benefits, horrible management. Would not recommend."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"The company seemed legit from the website, email addresses, company they used for the background check, and even the HR number I called has prompts and confirmed I am an employee. However, they have all of my personal information and every week they push my start date back. I have not began any assignment and it's been a month. This is a scam to get your personal information. DO NOT TRUST IT"

Accounting Rep (Former Employee) says

"The accounting department needs to work as a team and the supervisor needs to be more involved in what’s going on within her team. NTT does have a good vacation package."

Call Centre Representative (Former Employee) says

"The trainer for the classes was extremely rude. She taught the classes so fast, no one could really understand it all. When I or anyone else said "you're going too fast". Her attitude was too bad. Cons: Horrible pay."

PC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers are someone of the worse I've seen in the tech industry. Information on day to day was never clear and people being forced to do things outside their contract to the point where the point said "If you don't like it, leave." So a few did and they never hired replacements, leading us to always be behind on work. Would never recommend a company like this"